• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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You either love it or hate it-snow I mean.  And to all the haters out there, probably one of their worst complaints is shoveling snow.  Actually, regardless of whether you love snow or hate it, I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys shoveling snow.  Feeling of love or hate aside, shoveling (or snow-blowing) is a very important part of maintaining a home.  Think of it as mowing your lawn in the summer.  Only there’s a catch to shoveling your snow.  If you don’t have great CT homeowners insurance and someone falls on your property from a poorly shoveled sidewalk or driveway, his or her medical bills could end up in your mailbox. 

From clelaw.com, here’s an instance when not shoveling snow can lead to a lawsuit:

“Linda Gober slipped and was injured on the stairs when leaving an Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar in Dayton. Her lawsuit was thrown out by the trial court, but the 2nd Ohio District Court of Appeals (Montgomery County) reinstated her claims based primarily on the testimony of an expert witness. The expert testified that the concrete surface of the steps “was badly finished, resulting in depressions that allowed precipitation to accumulate or ‘puddle’ on the steps.” The restaurant had brushed the snow to the sides of the steps to let persons pass, but the “probable source of the ice on the step where Gober fell was runoff from the melting of snow piled at the sides of the steps.”

So in conclusion, shovel your sidewalks and driveways properly when the next snowstorm hits.  You never know what could happen if you neglect clearing your property.  If something does happen, hopefully you have the right CT homeowners insurance!