• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you’re looking to head out on spring break this year, there’s a couple things you should know before heading off for a week of fun, because you don’t want to have to handle a misfortunate event and claim medical expenses on your CT insurance.

According to tripsmarter.com, here’s some tips that you should all know before packing that bathing suit and tropical shirt:
  1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, sunscreen!- There’s no such thing as too much sunscreen, so don’t try acting cool and not using it, because your trip will turn miserable very, very quickly.
  2. Hydrate-with water. Sun bathing, dancing, and drinking daiquiris can take a toll on your body, so hydrating with plenty of water is the way to go.
  3. Always travel in groups: don’t let anyone wonder off by themselves.  Always stay together and have the buddy system in place at all times.
  4. Be careful of riptides:  They’re incredibly strong and can carry you out to sea quicker than you can say “I’ll have another pina colada”

So the moral of this story is simple: be smart, be safe and have fun.  We at Paradiso Insurance wish anyone heading on vacation to have a wonderful time and return safely.