• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yesterday we started our four-day journey into the land of healthy eating and snacking tips during the holiday season.  Like we stated earlier, having an extra brownie isn’t going to hurt you, but have four extra may require a trip to the tailor to let out those pants.

Okay so maybe that’s a little bit extreme, but you know what we’re talking about.  We know all too well how easy it is to over-eating and completely give up healthy foods during the holiday season, but have no fear, we’re here to help you out! Not only for your overall health, but for your general ct health insurance as well!

Continuing on in our food journey from yesterday, below are some more tips to help you resist the tasty temptations of the Christmas season:

Five: Don’t hate yourself for not working out.  Apparently, your not alone, as more than one gym admits that the lowest numbers of attendees at fitness centers are during this time of year.  But do try to maintain some level of activity, like going for runs outside (I did yesterday in the snow, it was wonderful!), speed walking through the mall if outside running isn’t your thing.  

Six: Hop on the scale frequently.  Now I know, that may not sound like a good idea, but it will actually keep you focused on not going crazy with the eating during this time of the year.  Now if you find yourself on the scale every hour, then that’s not a healthy practice.  But a couple times a week may actually do some good rather than harm.

Seven: Keep tabs on your drinking.  Easily one of the most difficult during the holiday season, because we consume just as many, if not more, calories from the festive holiday drinks than we do with the food.  Furthermore, physicians actually see signs of cardiac wear and tear more during this time of year than any other time.  They’ve actually coined the phrase “holiday heart syndrome.”

Eight: Rocks, no salt, no sugar. Going off the previous tip about the alcohol, having the ice in your drink will dilute it and tame the alcohol content.  Furthermore, it may cause you to sip on it longer, thus causing you to have less drinks.  Additionally, stay away from the sugary mixers, those are PACKED with calories.  Stick with the club soda, tonic, or diet sodas.

Have a wonderful weekend and come back to us on Monday when we continue the countdown!