• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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2012 is on its way; have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? Most of America will choose to look out for their health come the New Year. From losing weight to staying covered with health insurance, CT residents and beyond are sure to feel accomplished and energized come 2012!

Not sure what you want your healthy resolution to be? We have 10 ideas!

•    Plan to join a local gym for an after-work sweat, even if it is only 3-4 nights a week!

•    Not feeling the gym? Make a resolution to be active somehow, whether it is taking a walk every day after dinner or jumping on the treadmill in your basement.

•    Think about vegetarianism. Challenge yourself, but be sure to get the protein you need. This resolution will require some research.

•    Slash your sodium intake in half. Whether you ditch the extra salt on your meals or stop eating those microwaveable dishes.

•    Check on your health insurance in CT.  Make sure you are 100% covered for the New Year so you do not skip out on your vital appointments and prescriptions.

•    Quit smoking once and for all! Turn to friends, family and even nicotine gum to help wean yourself off the nicotine.

•    Cut back on sugary snacks, or snacking in general. “Snacks” add hundreds of calories to our diets, especially if we mindlessly snack while working.

•    Cut back on the alcohol intake on the weekends. Happy hour is fun and all, but not for your waistline.

•    Don’t forget to floss…dentists can tell if you are lying!

•    Ditch the tanning beds. You can get a healthy glow by eating the right foods, drinking enough water and applying self tanning creams.

So what resolution will you take on next year? There are hundreds of options that are sure to make you feel better and boost your health, too.

If you are interested in looking into new health coverage for the New Year, look no further. With our insurance, CT residents will not fear expensive visits, prescriptions, medical procedures and more. Everyone deserves to look and feel healthy, so why not start now with reliable coverage?