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Portrait of a happy grandfather walking with her granddaughter on beachTrying to decide what to get a dad for Father’s Day is not always easy. A surefire option you must never ignore is making a homemade gift. You can do this alone or involve the entire family in the project. You should consider a few homemade Father’s Day gift ideas.

Personalized Family Scrapbox

One nice homemade gift is a personalized family scrap box containing special items. A scrap box is a picture frame that has an area an inch or two deep on the inside. These are known as shadow boxes as well. You can get these in most craft stores. You want to fill the scrap box with items, pictures, and trinkets that have some meaning to the dad. The idea is to make a display of photos and mementos that will bring back memories of the family whether it is hung in the home or the office. A scrap box can become a treasured family heirloom.

Custom Tie

A simple project that many fathers will appreciate is a custom tie. These are so simple that children can take part in the project. You can make a custom tie with a simple strip of fabric that you select. There are templates freely available online. You can embroider or dye the tie. You could even attach little items or self-adhesive printed photos. Sewing the tie takes very little time. A custom tie will be a welcome Father’s Day gift that will regularly be used.

Custom Coasters

The final idea is to create some fun custom coasters for Father’s Day. You want to make coasters that reflect the personality and interests of the father. This could mean movie scenes, sports logos or the faces of the rest of the family. You can find the images online and print them. You could also cut them out of magazines. Attach the pictures to a round coaster or cut out a coaster from thick cardboard. Finish with some self-adhesive laminate to seal the coaster.