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In 2008, Chris Paradiso and his wife, Mary Alice, found themselves in a position that no parent ever wants to be in. Woken in the middle of the night by the screams of their one-year-old daughter, Mia, who had recently been put on antibiotics for a cold, they rushed her to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Doctors determined that she was suffering from a rare condition known as serum sickness. While Mia recovered, Chris remembers walking the hallways of the hospital with her in his arms to get her to sleep. It was during these walks that Chris saw the vast number of children that were in these rooms, unable to be home playing like any other child their age. He immediately wanted to find some way to help them and give back to the hospital that saved his daughter’s life.

And So It Began…

With this, the Reverse Trick-or-Treat program began. Every year from September through October, Paradiso Insurance collects donations within the community for these children who are unable to go door-to-door for Halloween. Generous community members bring in coloring books, crayons, games, and more for these children, which we then take to them on Halloween. 

We ask that this year, please remember all of the children who are unable to participate. These kids won’t be able to get dressed up as their favorite superhero or get hopped up on sugar for the night, or run around with their friends going from door to door collecting candy. We will be collecting donations at our office, 8 E. Main Street in Stafford Springs from now until the end of October.

What can you donate?

  1. Games — Who doesn’t love a good board game? These timeless treasures can help entertain a child for hours while they are stuck in a hospital bed. From Monopoly to Hungry Hungry Hippos, to Scrabble, any donation will be kindly appreciated.
  2. Arts & Crafts — Many children simply love the opportunity to color! This therapeutic activity can help reduce the stress involved in the procedures and tests that these poor kids undergo every day. Any crayons, colored pencils, coloring books, or markers can go a long way to making a child feel even just a little bit better.
  3. Hands-On Activities — No one likes having to lay in bed all day. That’s why activities such as puzzles, Legos, or jewelry-making kits can go a long way toward keeping children occupied and their minds sharp!

Remember: No Candy or Plush Toys!

We like to stay away from these because certain nuts or chocolate can interfere with serious medical treatments; therefore, all forms of candy are not allowed at the hospital. Due to this, we simply ask that you not donate any consumable items. We also try to avoid any stuffed animals, as the fibers in the material can sometimes trigger allergies in patients. 

At Paradiso Insurance, we know how important community is and how powerful it can be when people come together. Let us make a difference in these children’s lives by giving them a reason to smile this Halloween.

For any questions, please contact our office at 860-684-5270 and ask for Caroline in the marketing department.