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Every parent wants to host unforgettable parties for their children growing up. Today we have brought to the table some new and innovative party tips and ideas that will have all of your hosts bragging and leaving happy. There are three things that we know kids love and that’s games, snacks, and surprises! Are you ready to make your kids summer party unique and memorable? Great! Let’s get planning!

In the hot summer weather it is nearly impossible to host a party outdoors  without having something to cool off with. If you plan to open up the pool, it would be a good idea to give each child a pair of “custom” goggles. Simply write their names with a sharpie on the side of the goggles, and there will be no problems fighting over them. If you decided to have squirt guns, make up a designated refill station. Take a bucket and fill it up to the top with water for never ending squirt gun fun! Don’t forget the all time kids favorite, the giant human bubble maker. What’s cooler than being inside a giant bubble? The children will be in awe! You can also keep everyone cool with water balloon pinatas. Instead of going out and buying a pinata and candy why not make your own with water balloons? Hang a few balloons on a tree and watch the kids as they get soaked! There are countless number of games that kid will love while still beating the heat!

After all that running around their stomachs will be growling! Have fun with fruit and make a caterpillar fruit kabob. Place approximately six grapes on a stick and top it off with a strawberry head. Then with frosting add little eyes to each creation. Kids also love watermelon, get a cookie cutter shaped as your child’s age and cut the watermelon pieces into that number! And who doesn’t like pizza? For a meal, make mini deep dish pizzas. It is easy to make and takes no time! Another simple and filling meal is hot dog rolls. You can’t go wrong with a hot dog! They are a lot less messier than regular hot dogs and smaller, which makes it easier for kids to handle. Now you can’t forget dessert when it comes to a party! Personalize a cake, set up an ice cream bar with plenty of toppings, or lay out a s’more station. Make sure you have options to chose from incase of allergies or picky eaters!

As the day comes to an end, send your guests off with a gift bag to thank them for  coming.. But what goes in a gift bag? Consider things like a pair of sunglasses, or a mini beach ball to play around with. Kids love bubbles, why not add some? Then, top the bag off with something yummy, this could be candy or a simple snack like chips or pretzels. Give out even more impressive goodie bags with something to keep them busy like a coloring book and crayons or a mini puzzle!

     Hosting the ultimate kids summer party can take some time but with fun activities, food, and surprises, everyone will be leaving happy. From the human bubble to the deep dish mini pizza bites your kids summer party is sure to be a memorable one!