• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We all know that an office that enjoys its work will more often than not produce more for the company as a whole, rather than an office full of miserable employees. Why would anyone wish to work at a Hartford Business Insurance firm that they hated? It simply doesn’t make any sense.  Taking pride and enjoyment in your career is a key ingredient to a happy and healthy life and business.  
There are many factors that go into a happy and successful business career, and both the employer and the employee must  accomplish certain things to achieve this goal.  For the sake of this story, we’ll deal with the employers end of the spectrum and how you (the owner or manager) can make your employees happy and eager to come into work every day, ready to do great things for the company.
According to INC.com, here are a few ways that Hartford Business Insurance owners can produce happy employees and company loyalty:
  • Have Faith: you hired these employees to accomplish their job’s duties, so give them the opportunity to shine. Trust in them, and yourself, that they’ll get it done.
  • Ask about their lives: this is probably one of the easiest, yet most often overlooked, method of solid office companionship.  Simply asking someone how they are doing can make a huge difference for anyone at work.
  • Flexibility! Everyone is different, especially at work.  You have the morning people that want to get all major tasks done by lunch, but then you also have the afternoon heros that really kick-in to high gear around 1:30pm.  As long as communication is alway fluid and deadlines are met, give your employees the flexibility to work when they’re at their best.
  • Never Stop Learning: Consistently give everyone, even you, the opportunity to learn.  If you are not learning and becoming better, than you’re falling behind.  Always, always, always be eager to learn new things.

I hope some of these tips can have your office in great spirits! Come back tomorrow to read the second part of the blog as we reveal more ways to keep your Hartford Business Insurance office in tip-top shape!