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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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The month of January is still in full swing, but when it ends the appeal of achieving a new year resolution can as well. However, when you keep putting a task off, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

So, here are a few great ways to keep yourself motivated and stick to your new year resolution:

1. Remember the “why.”

When you start a goal, ask yourself why exactly you are attempting to accomplish it this year. Start with a simple answer of “I want to/I’d like to____ so I can/because of/for_____.”

  • I want to lose weight so I can have more energy for my kids, and enjoy more activities with my family.
  • I want to volunteer because of the people who need help in my community.
  • I want to go back to school so I can keep my mind sharp and use my new skills to advance in my career.
  • I’d like to build a garden for my grandma, so she has easier access to fresh foods.
  • I’d like to open my own business so I can be my own boss and share my passions with everyone.

Of course, you can structure your “whys” anyway you’d like. However, it shouldn’t simply be a generic answer. Losing weight to be healthy or getting a new job to make more money, often aren’t enough to keep on track.

Really think about why you’d like to achieve your goals this year, and if you can’t define that, it may be time to reassess your goals and put your energy elsewhere.

2. Place visual reminders everywhere.

Motivation is key to staying on track and sticking with your new year resolution, and visual reminders are a great way keep you going all year long. Whether it’s a picture of a dream car, your family, or someone you admire, place these in areas you need a bit of motivation- like your car, workspace, bedroom, or gym locker.

Quotes can also help you keep focus on your goals. Print them, write them, or frame them and hang around your home.

Of course, place these in your digital world as well. If you like to be online or have a presence on social media, Share positive words of encouragement to your friends, post about your progress, or start a blog about your goals. Create a motivational sanctuary online and in real life. No matter what you choose to surround yourself with, make it something that has a positive influence on your success.

3. Break it down.

Of course, once you’ve found your motivation, break your goals down into smaller, more feasible tasks. Another reason people don’t reach their goals is because they become overwhelmed by them.

A great way to deal with this is by seeing the overall picture planned out through the year- use a notepad, whiteboard, calendar planner, or whatever you prefer to organize your thoughts on.

Bullet journaling is also a great way to look out on your day to day or weekly tasks. It’s a creative and fun way to look at what you’d like to get accomplished.

So, how can you break down your goals? First, dedicate a certain time or day(s) towards your goals:

  • Every Monday at 6AM I plan to make a smoothie for breakfast.
  • I will dedicate one hour on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Sundays to the gym.
  • Every month I will put $20 away into my savings account.
  • Once a week I will read a book for 2 hours.

Then, mark down the times, days, or weeks you plan to accomplish these tasks in your planner- just don’t forget to add an end date! This way you can see how close you are to completing your end goals.

Moreover, these are just examples and will vary on your intent and schedule, but the point being is that you need to stay consistent. This way you’ll get into a habit of doing it continuously and see results. Of course, there may be times you cannot keep to your new plans and that’s okay because unexpected events can happen, all that matters is you keep to it.

4. Focus on accomplishments, not failures.

Discouragement is big reason why many quit their resolutions before the new year is even a few months in.

The problem is many of the bigger goals we set out to accomplish will take longer than we expect, and we become discouraged when we don’t see instant results.

No matter what your goal is you’re going to have to work hard to get it. Nothing comes easy, but that doesn’t mean your shortcomings are a result of you not doing enough. In fact, many influential people today didn’t ride the waves of success themselves until they failed more than not. You’re also going to have days or weeks or months where your efforts plateau out for a while, and it can be difficult to keep going.

However, you need to look at it through a realistic lens. You can’t expect to lose 40 pounds in one month nor can you expect to learn a new language in one week. Your goals will take time, so focus on the strides you’ve made to get there. If you fail, take it as an opportunity to learn from it.

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Don’t discourage yourself or give up early, keep your sights high and you’ll be able to achieve anything this year. Do you have any resolutions you’re trying to fulfill? Our insurance agency would love to to hear about it in the comments below.Free goal planner button.