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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Are you looking for your next new, exciting opportunity? Before you find your dream job, it’s important that you have a professional, and up-to-date resume, that way you can make the best first impression possible! During update your resume month, we wanted to share our best resume tips to help you making lasting first impressions with your potential future employers.

Resume Formatting

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a hiring authority when considering how to format your resume. Consider this: no matter how well written or put together a resume is, it won’t be read 100% of the way through on its first time landing in the hands of a hiring authority. With that being said, our first resume tip is to make your resume easily scannable, so that if someone only has a chance to glance at it, they can still get a solid first impression of you.

Include your Accomplishments

A lot of people believe that if they just include their job descriptions from their past places of work then they are all set. Although, if you’re doing this, you could be short changing yourself of credit you deserve! That is why our next resume tip is to include your accomplishments from your past places of work, and not just the job description. Be sure to focus on the projects you worked on, how you benefited the company in each of your accomplishments, and talk about some of the quantifiable results that you were able to produce for the company.

Cater your Resume to your Industry

Our next resume tip is to make sure that your resume is catered to your industry. The design and layout should mimic the lingo or styles that your industry is used to seeing. For example, if a resume looked like it was for a graphic design job, because it was fancy and all done up, someone in an engineering or construction position may not want to look at that. If you do a lot of networking, as for someone who is already successful in your industry to share their resume with you, so you can have a better idea on what to shoot for.

We hope these tips will help you with updating your resume and finding your next exciting opportunity! Did you know that Paradiso Insurance is hiring? If you’re interested in joining our professional team, be sure to visit our career page today to see what we have available and how you can apply.