• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Even with the incredibly mild weather we are experiencing this week, its still hard to believe that spring and summer are quickly approaching.  Even though most of us are under the impression that the threat of hurricanes is only for those living in the southern part of the country, massive storms can strike us too. (Didn’t we also think tornados never hit New England either?) We are just as susceptible to heavy rains, driving winds, and deep flooding like our neighbors to the Deep South.  That’s why if you don’t have Hartford flood insurance, now is the perfect time to get it.

According to Rough Notes, the main priority for a homeowner is to be sure that the amount of coverage is adequate in the event that the home has to be totally replaced.  Insurers who operate in areas that experience hurricanes typically require deductibles at a high, flat amount or at a percentage of the policy’s insurance limit (anywhere from 2 to 5%).

Homeowners should consider ways to minimize their possible loss and maximize their personal safety by:

  • Making advance evacuation plans (including determining evacuation route, fueling car, preparing supplies, etc.)
  • Being aware of the nearest, safe shelter
  • Bring outdoor property inside the home (lawn equipment, toys, tools, etc.)
  • Installing or building a proper “safe room”
  • Cover/Secure all windows and doors
  • Have a portable radio and stay turned to accurate source of weather broadcasts.
  • Turn off (unplug) small appliances and turn refrigerators/freezers to their highest settings.
  • If applicable, turn off fuel/oil tanks.
  • Fill sinks and bathtubs with water.

Returning to a damaged/destroyed site is not when a hurricane victim will be at his or her best, but that is the time that certain obligations have to be met in order to make the most out of any insurance recovery. It is important to do the following:

  • At the earliest possible chance, contact your insurer with details about your loss
  • If possible, be sure you have a way to visually record the loss details (camera, digital camera, video recorder, etc.)
  • Take reasonable action to keep intact property protected from additional damage or loss
  • Keep an accurate record of all expenses that are related to protecting your property as well as items related to temporary housing and meals

Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are ready to assist our clients in the event of any weather causing damages to your home and personal belongings.  Please call our Stafford Connecticut Insurance office at (860) 684-5270 with any claim questions or issues.