• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Insurance

logo.png']No matter what type of insurance you have, you should know how to properly file a claim if you incur a loss.  Now while every situation is different, such as a car accident that needs some minor repairs,to a completely storm- devastated home, there remains some uniformity in the claim filing process.

Many people fail to realize how important a role they play when filing a CT insurance claim, no matter what it is.  In essence, you, as the policyholder, need to meet certain obligations.  Why do you have to do this? Well it’s because you need to provide the CT insurance provider with enough necessary information to decide payment options, payment occurrences, and payment amounts.

So what are you to do then? Well first things first, you need to notify your CT insurance company of the loss that has happen to whatever you have insured. Provide as many details as possible, as this will give your provider a better picture of what needs to happen from that point going forward.  Make sure to get the information of everyone who was involved in the claim/ accident.  This includes people that may have been injured, and even witnesses if the accident happened in a public place.  Trust us, if the accident wasn’t your fault, it’s always nice to have a witness’s testimony to back your story up in case the guilty party tries flipping the blame onto you.

Secondly, make sure to help your CT Insurance provider with any materials or information that they may need, like police reports, doctor exams, legal documents, etc.  In fact, you’re requires to grant your CT insurance provider the access to any and all records that may be related to the accident, as well as the highly important- proof of loss statement. 

Tune in tomorrow to see what other things you need to do in order to properly fulfill an insurance claim.