• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We often talk about the necessities of insurance coverage, especially the home, auto, and life policies that are so very vital to the financial livelihood of you and your loved ones. And those are perhaps the three biggest insurance costs that you’ll experience over the course of your life.  But there’s one policy that’s just as important as these, but is actually very easy and affordable to acquire- and furthermore should never be overlooked if you’re home’s at risk.

At risk of what you may ask? Well we’re talking about flooding today and tomorrow, and that means lots of Hartford flood insurance talk.  Why flood insurance in the winter time? Well there’s a host of reasons that are the cause of this blog and tomorrow’s one as well.  

The first reason being that I just returned from a short trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.  And let me first start off by saying that I’ve never experienced a place with more character, excitement, fun, and passion for their city’s culture than the Big Easy.  While I wasn’t down there for Mardi Gras, I nevertheless had an amazing trip and truly cannot wait to return again in the future. But the reason I bring this up is that while I was fortunate to visit all of the city’s bright spots, I also witnessed firsthand some areas that still remain devastated by hurricane Katrina. 

And you may think that’s strange since that’s going to be ten years ago next August (which is baffling to think about), but it’s really true… there are still homes destroyed and areas that look like a war zone.  Now, this is a very small percentage of the area, most have been able to rebuild their homes and their lives.  But seeing this definitely made me think about how important insurance is for not only these people down in the Gulf, but everyone in the country, including ourselves in New England.

CT homeowners insurance and Hartford flood insurance are the types of coverages that truly save the financial lives of people everyday, so don’t ever forgo them.  Come back tomorrow when we’ll discuss more on the actual flood coverage and how you can protect your home from the water.