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As many of us are aware, renting a home or an apartment is vastly different than owning one. The good part about that is you don’t have to worry about any damage to the home hurting your wallet- that’s your landlord’s problem.  If you were owning that home, then the responsibility is all yours. However there are certain things that you are responsible for as a renter that many Connecticut residents may not be aware of. One of these things is insurance coverage.  Even though you’re renting and you have a landlord who takes care of all the general matters, you’re not as protected from damages as you think. Even though your landlord’s  insurance covers the physical structure of the building, it does NOT cover your personal property inside your area of living. This is a very important fact that many renters fail to realize, and unfortunately they only find out about it when something happens and they’re not covered.. With renters insurance, CT residents can be sure that if anything were to happen to your possessions, it would all be covered.

Renters CT insurance covers the cost of your personal assets and belongings by securing a policy that is designed especially for tenants. It covers your possessions for common cause of loss, additional living expenses related to making other living arrangements, medical expenses for treating people injured in your building as well as lawsuits stemming from liability issues. On a side note, those college students that are choosing to live off campus and rent a house or apartment, they need to know that their parents’ home insurance WILL cover them if something happens in their apartment.  Again, many renters, especially those who are full time students, don’t know this.  Now we are telling those college kids out there to act ridiculous and reckless because they have full insurance coverage.  We’re just saying that they still receive the coverage that mom and dad are paying for to protect the roof over their heads.  So you could say then, that no matter how far away your student is, they’re still ‘under your roof.’

Here at Paradiso Insurance , our renters CT  insurance will provide you with the coverage you deserve to protect the value of the personal possessions you worked hard to achieve. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can simply hook onto your landlord’s insurance; you need your own specialized coverage as well. Contact our indepedent CT insurance agency today for more important information!