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PeanutsPeanuts are one of the most common food allergies affecting children today. According to a recent study, the numbers of children in the United States who are experiencing peanut allergies have more than tripled. While approximately 20 percent of children do outgrow the allergy, many will see this as a lifelong issue. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to peanuts and other nut-based treats, you may want to introduce the following food options to your child. However, you may want to consult with your physician first.


Hummus is a great source of protein as it’s made from chickpeas. It also makes an excellent substitution for peanut butter. Found in a number of flavors, this delicious treat can be used as a dip for carrots, celery, broccoli, and red pepper slices. You can also use it as a topper for bread, pita chips, and crackers. Before your child consumes any product, you want to read the labels carefully.

Cashew Butter

If your child’s peanut allergy allows them to consume other nuts, cashew butter is a delicious and nutritious treat. It also goes great when spread on whole grain bread and topped with their favorite jam or jelly. While it may be more costly than peanut butter, it’s worth the indulgence.

Soybean Butter

The manufacturers of soybean butter try to mimic peanut butter with its looks and taste. While it can be much sweeter than peanut butter, most soy butters are an excellent source of omega-6 and protein. You can get your child to break out of their sandwich rut by slicing gala apples and topping the pieces with soy nut butter.

Sunflower Seed Butter

For those looking for a completely nut-free solution, sunflower seed butter is a creamy and tasty option. A perfect pairing lunch choice is to spread the butter on a piece of bread and top with banana and a drizzle of honey.