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I defy anyone to not love classic cars.  They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t say “that car is ugly” about a 1967 Ford Mustang. If you’re a lucky owner of a prized collectible car, then you obviously are well aware of how to properly car for your prized possession. However what if you have standard CT auto insurance for that ride? In actuality, you need a special type of coverage called collector vehicle CT insurance.

So what then qualifies for this special type of coverage? Well any vehicle that’s over twenty-five years old. This unique coverage is necessary because standard auto coverage rates are based upon a car losing value each year due to aging and normal vehicle use.  However with a sweet hot rod that’s forty years old, it’s value is increasing rather than decreasing, and that’s the big reason for the special CT insurance coverage. 

Your special policy will be based off of the following factors:

  •  the current value of the car as given by a professional appraisal
  •  are there any special design features on your ride? That will affect your coverage
  •  how often do you use your special vehicle? Just for parades and car shows? Or for everyday use?
  • do you have the proper garage to store your hot rod? Does it have a good security system as well?
  • Are you able to use another vehicle for every day use?

If you have a special auto, talk to your local Paradiso Insurance professional for advice.   We will provide you with the information and coverage you need for that sweet classic car.  CT Insurance of collector vehicles is a unique coverage that requires the best of agents to handle, and they don’t get much better than us!