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Did you know that November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month? This month is focused on helping senior pets find a forever home. Senior pets unfortunately have the highest rates of receiving euthanasia in shelters and often spend the longest in rescue homes or centers.

This is because people look for a younger pet to adopt, rather than an older one. Moreso, while we at Paradiso Insurance believe in Adopting Over Shopping for your next furry friend, you shouldn’t look over a senior pet for a younger one.

Senior pets can be just as loving, fun, and rewarding as younger ones, and that’s why National Adopt a Senior Pet Month is important in shelters and rescues across America.

Adopting a Senior Pet is Great For Families

While adopting a pet in need has its benefits, adopting a senior pet into your home is especially beneficial. Not only will you be able to provide a loving home to an animal that needs it most, but senior pets are often more tame, calm, and patient compared to their younger counterparts.

A puppy or kitten may not  be potty trained, among other things, but with a senior pet you usually won’t have to worry about a hyperactive, untrained pet running around your home. Additionally, senior pets are also a lot more gentler, which is perfect for homes with young children or other animals.

During National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, make sure to take the whole family down to a shelter or rescue and adopt a senior pet in need today!

What You Should Expect When Adopting a Senior Pet

While having a less active pet is great for busy families, it can also come with an expense. As we all age, we may need to visit the doctor more often. This is also true for pets, especially those of a senior age. Senior pets face common health ailments such as, diabetes, arthritis, gum disease, kidney disease, blindness, and even cancer. Therefore, you’ll need to be prepared for the potential expense and medical care a senior pet may need.

Regardless, this shouldn’t stop you from adopting a senior pet, as many senior pets can live healthy and fulfilling lives. This November, consider adopting a senior pet for National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. To learn more about adopting a senior pet, click the button below.

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