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September 1st is a big day for most Americans. For many, it is moving day! Whether your lease is up and you have moved to another apartment or you are renting with your friends for the fall college semester, now is the most popular time to move on in.

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Regardless of living on your own or with a group of friends, you may have to learn how to decorate a small living area. Those who are renting a studio apartment will have to get especially thrifty! This week, our agency has put together a quick how to guide for decorating small spaces.

#1: Choose furniture wisely. Dual-purpose and flexible furniture are the keys to keeping clutter to a minimum while keeping a chic look to your place. If your ottoman doubles as a foot rest AND a place for storage, you are on the right track.

#2: Opt for bright and light colors. The brighter it looks inside, the much more open a room will seem. Choose a light wall color, such as off-white.

#3: Add an area rug. An area rug may help a room look more spacious, besides being eye-pleasing.

#4:  Wall shelves. Keep clutter off of tables and desks by adding shelves to the wall! Using your walls for storage is a common solution for those living in a small space.

#5: Use mirrors are wall art. Mirrors make a room look bigger and add a nice vocal point to a room.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to decorate small spaces—you just have to be conscious of what you are putting in your new home! We hope that you have enjoyed these few tips and put them to good use.

If you are more concerned about your renters insurance policy, do not hesitate to give our agency a call. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote!