• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Insurance

It’s truly amazing how quickly technology can change.  Remember the days when iPhones and HDTV did not exist? Well honestly, that was only ten years ago!  Can you believe that? Really.  Think about how technology has so drastically changed our lives.  And now, it’s CT auto insurance that’s becoming affected by the speedy change in technology.

According to reports, Connecticut may be implementing a new type of technology that can assist in the checking of CT auto insurance customers while out on the road.  The plan calls for tiny transmitters to be placed within the license plates of vehicles.  What would these transmitters do? Well, they would send out insurance verification to police and other law enforcement via RFID signals.  This could make the lives of police much easier in catching those individuals who choose (illegally) to drive without CT auto insurance

So not only should you have CT auto insurance for all of the right reasons, like proper coverage for liability, but you should also have it because, well, it’s against the law! And now if this new technology is implemented, you’ll find yourself in court every time your head out on the road without coverage.