• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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   Boat insurance is crucial if you own a watercraft.  When you purchase a policy, there are three main points that you must pay attention to.  Here at Paradiso Insurance, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, we make understanding insurance simple. 

1)  You should understand Medical Payments Coverage.  This section of your policy typically helps to take care of eligible medical expenses that can be a result of an accident on the water. 

2) Take a look at deals with Physical Coverage.  This deals with damage to your boat (including hull and topsides), motor, and trailer.  Running aground or hitting a rock can do some serous damage to your watercraft!

 3) The last section of your policy deals with Liability.  This is the most important part of your policy.  It covers you for accidents where other people are the victims.  If you damage somebody’s dock, the price of the repairs is covered.  If you hit somebody else’s watercraft, you are covered.  With a watercraft policy, you get to choose how much coverage you want. 

Whether a lot or a little, you should definitely be covered while out on the water.  For a free quote, call us at 800.660.2991 or visit our website.


– The Paradiso Team