• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Okay so it may be slightly cooler today than yesterday, but look at the sun out there! It’s shining so bright that you can’t help but think about summer that’s quickly approaching.  And thinking about summer should have you fantasizing about hot days on a lake with your new boat cruising through the fresh blue water.  If you want that fantasy to come true, there’s one thing that you need to make sure you have settled before you ever set that boat in the water.


Insurance for boats or other types of water crafts is essential for anyone who owns a boat and wants to take it onto the lake or into Long Island Sound.  There’s a few things you need to know though about boat insurance though, but that’s why we’re here! We at Paradiso Insurance make understanding insurance simple. 

1)  You first of all need to understand Medical Payments Coverage. This aspect of your coverage is the part that covers the cost of eligible medical expenses that occur from a boating accident or some other unfortunate event that your boat is involved in. 

2) Second of all, look into different deals regarding the coverage for physical damage to the boat itself. This deals with damage to your boat (including hull and topsides), motor, and trailer.  Your boat can be seriously damaged by running aground or hitting a rock so this part of the policy is crucial!

 3) The third and final aspect is liability.  This covers you for accidents where other people are the victims.   If you damage somebody’s dock, the price of the repairs is covered.  If you hit somebody else’s watercraft, you are covered.  

So these three aspects of boat insurance are the most important parts of the policy and are an absolute necessity for any and all water crafts.  If you have any further questions, feel free to ask any one of our insurance experts.  That’s what we’re here for! To help you!