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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Here at Paradiso Insurance, we contact our clients before their policy renews for the new year (via text, call, or email) to make sure that our customer’s policies reflect their current lifestyle or situation.

Why do we do this?

Because we really do care about every single one of our customers. When we contact you, it’s to make sure nothing has changed in the past year. Over the course of a year, quite a bit can happen, and as a courtesy to you, we want to make sure you’re always covered, no matter what changes took place.

Our annual reviews do pay off.

One of our clients would have gotten into some serious financial trouble, had we not reached out to her recently. This client had a homeowners insurance policy for a 600 square foot home, but, when renewal time came around our agents discovered that the client knocked down the house on their policy to build a bigger one, 2600 square feet to be exact.  

A pencil on top of home construction plans.

Even though there was a policy in place, it was not for the home being built. Not to mention, if injuries, damage, or something like a fire had occurred on the property during construction or after, this homeowner would not have been properly covered.

Our customer would have been at a huge financial loss. The review saved both the homeowner and us a lot of stress and frustration.

Additionally, we do remind everyone to tell their agent when they make significant changes in their lives, but we understand that not everyone remembers. So, we take the initiative to contact you.

Commercial clients also receive annual reviews.

Customers with personal insurance policies aren’t the only ones to receive an annual review either. In fact, we make sure all of our commercial clients receive one, too. This way if anything happens to their business, they have the protection they need.

Recently, we reviewed a commercial insurance policy with one of our clients who owns a local business. After discussing their options with an agent during their annual review, they decided to add more coverage to their policy.

And it’s a good thing they did, because weeks later a substantial fire impacted their business. Moreover, had we not called and updated their policy, they would have been at a substantial financial loss. The good news is they have been able to recover, but this is another reason why it is so important for us to contact you for an annual review. It’s not to sell you more insurance or bother you, it’s to make sure your policy currently covers everything in case of an incident. We always want to keep your information up to date!

Additionally, don’t forget to tell your agent! Even after an annual review, anything can change. Whether it’s a new home, car, or business, we want you to be protected. Contact us today for all of your insurance needs!