Trying to Keep it Healthy? Our Team Shares Their Favorite Easy, Healthy Recipes

Trying to Keep it Healthy? Our Team Shares Their Favorite Easy, Healthy Recipes
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Many of us have made goals and resolutions to get healthier this year and whether that means exercising more or quitting a bad habit, we all can eat a bit healthier. So, here are a few easy, healthy recipes our staff loves that you can indulge in without feeling guilty about doing so.

Eggs and avocados on toast.

Egg Muffins

Muffins are delicious, but often loaded with a lot of fat and calories, so they’re not the best choice to have in the morning. Therefore, if you’re craving muffins try this healthy egg version instead. Eggs are a great source of protein and will keep you and your family feeling full all morning. Plus, this recipe is packed with nutritious ingredients such as, tomatoes, spinach, and avocado. These muffins are a great alternative to the real thing, and take less time to make!

Chicken Loaded Salad

Chicken is another great and healthy source of protein, plus it’s typically cheaper than other meats. However, you don’t have to have to just enjoy it one way. Consider baking it and slicing it up into a salad. Even better, transform your salad with strawberries and avocado. Many people stick with the traditional and bland salad to stay fit, but eating healthy doesn’t have to be unenjoyable. Adding different textures such as, nuts, fruits, and crunchy vegetables will satiate your palate and help you fight the urge to munch on sweets.

Skip the Cereal

If you fill a bowl with milk and cereal every morning, you’re not alone. However, a vast majority of cereals are quite unhealthy and loaded with added sugar and artificial ingredients. So, ditch the Lucky Charms for something that will do your body good- a smoothie bowl. These easy, healthy recipes have become quite popular and it’s no wonder why. Smoothie bowls are easy and quick to make, all you need are your favorite frozen fruits, a blender, and toppings such as, seeds and oats.

Taco Tuesdays

The hardest part of any diet is when you deprive yourself of your favorite meals. You may think it’s impossible, but you can still eat healthy and enjoy Taco Tuesdays in your household.

In fact, tacos in general aren’t that bad for you, beans and avocados are an excellent source of fiber, while tomatoes offer vitamins and other nutrients. However, if you’re making your Mexican inspired dishes with sour cream, ground beef, and loads of cheese or a creamy sauce, the calories and fat content quickly add up.

So, skip the unnecessary ingredients and try these delicious turkey taco burrito bowls instead. Not a fan of using bowls? You can also use romaine lettuce leaves as a substitute for the taco shells. This is great because most shells you find in a grocery store contain high amounts of sodium. Keep it simple and substitute ingredients where you can. Not only will this keep your dishes exciting, but healthier.

Perfect Pizza

Even better, you can bring back pizza nights into your weekly meals. Of course, these won’t be the traditional style pizzas you find in a restaurant, but they’re pretty similar. The only difference is they use healthy vegetables to make over the traditional sauce, cheese, and dough fare. This portobello mushroom cap pizza is a great easy, healthy recipe. However, if you’re not a fan of mushrooms and have got a bit more time to spare, try this eggplant crust pizza. We think it should fulfill your cravings.

So, if you’re trying to meet your goals of slimming down for the new year, keep these recipes in mind. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming nor does it have to be difficult. In fact, it can be fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Do you have any easy, healthy recipes you currently make? Share your recipes in the comments below.

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