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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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The Christmas season is here, lights are shining bright, festive decor is going up, and families across the country are making plans to get together for the best time of the year. Some common Christmas traditions include decorating a pine tree, frosting sugar cookies, going to church, and even caroling in the neighborhood. This is a wonderful time of year for many, and at our insurance agency, we aren’t afraid to show it!

Here are some of our team’s favorite Christmas traditions:

Joey- “I like to visit my family, particularly my cousins since I usually only see them around this time of year.”

Keisha- “I enjoy listening to classic Christmas music.”

Chris- “I love to spend time with my family, there’s nothing better.”

Stephanie- “Since I grew up in a Polish family, we get together every year right before Christmas and make hundreds of pierogis, it’s what we eat on Christmas Eve.”

Aleesha- “I love to bake for Christmas, my specialty is pumpkin pie.”

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? To learn more about how you can have fun during Christmas, click the button below.

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