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Today’s the first day of 2018, and millions of people across the country are motivated by the new year to make a change. Of course, our team at Paradiso Insurance has a few New Year’s resolutions planned, too.


“My personal New Year’s resolution is to volunteer my time to help more animals in need. My professional New Year’s resolution is to get my Life/Health license to better support our staff and offer more opportunities to our clients.”


“My goals for 2018 are to continue focusing on my health and also spend more time with my family.”


“My New Year’s resolutions are to be healthier- cleaner eating and working out more. I would like to also focusing on volunteering more in the new year.”


“My resolutions are to always try something new whenever I can and be the best mom I can be to my son that will be born in March.”


“My personal goals for 2018 are to get back into the gym to get into shape, eliminate the debt I have left, and get into a new living situation that’s a size up from where I’m at now, whether that’s alone or grabbing a few of my close friends as roommates.

Of course, I have work goals that I’m looking to crush on a daily basis as well, but my large work goal is to start traveling so I can help insurance agencies everywhere push the envelope on their agency’s marketing strategies and raise money for the Journey Found organization in the process.”


“My goals for 2018 include making more time for the gym- now that it’s colder, it’s harder for me to be active like I normally am. I love my sleep, but I’d love to make a goal for myself to get up very early and go to the gym before work. It would be great to get it out of the way because sometimes other priorities get in the way and I don’t have time later in the day.

I also want to spend more time cooking and learning new recipes to make. I’m a bit bored with the meals I make now and want to understand different ways to cook simple ingredients.”


“My goals for next year are: professionally- to continue to grow and learn with Team Paradiso. I love working here, and meeting all of our clients. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know our clients and helping them out with their insurance.

Personally- it is my goal to spend as much time with my family as possible.  I have two out of my four kids serving with our military, and both preparing for deployment.  It just makes you realize how important family is, and how much we will all need one another through this journey.”


“My goals for this year are to: climb Mt. Washington in one day, run a 5K in under a half hour, backpack a mountain and camp overnight, learn how to can fresh jams, and get my living room renovations completed.”


“First and foremost, I want a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018. I want to continue doing it the correct way to get healthier and thinner. I also want to stop procrastinating on what can be done tomorrow.”

Motivation words in a notebook planner.

Goals are easy to make, but it’s the commitment to them that can be hard. So, keep it simple- your goals don’t have to be big or life changing. Create easy to accomplish goals so that you’ll feel good about doing. Bringing your own bags to the grocery store or spending more time with loved ones is something we all can implement into our lives, just make sure what you set out to achieve will help you grow in either your personal or professional life!

Don’t give up and stick with what you intended to achieve! What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2018, and how do you plan to achieve them this year? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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