• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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wood house on winter mountainside

Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to take the necessary precautions in securing your home for the winter. Don’t risk being unprepared – this fall, decrease your risk of damage or injury in your home with some of these basic tips for upkeep. Remember, proper maintenance will save you money, time, and a big headache later on!

  • Shop for winter now.

Many stores will begin selling out—or hiking up prices at the very least—so take the time now to stock up n essential products for winter. From warm necessities to shovels, take inventory of what you need and go out and get it before it’s too late or too cold!

  • Store your outdoor furniture.

Time to clear out the shed, clean up the yard, and pack away some things you won’t need for a while. The lawn mower, the pool toys, and the outdoor furniture can all get stowed away until you need them again – that is, after you’ve had one last barbecue and done one last mowing!

  • Get your heat checked.

The last thing you and your family will need is to have your heating fail during the winter. By getting your system checked now, you’re living out the age-old motto “better safe than sorry.” Besides, if you wait to get it checked, you’ll just be one house out of a long list of many that have waited for a problem to arise. A simple inspection will ensure you stay warm this winter.

  • Winterize your windows.

No doubt you’ve experienced either a heating bill that seemed way too high or a chill running through your home that just doesn’t belong indoors – both of these can be prevented with some simple weather stripping or caulk that will seal the heat in your home and save you a lot of money and warmth by the end of the winter.

  • Turn off your outdoor faucets.

The best way to prevent your pipes from freezing—and subsequently bursting—is to shut off the valves for any outdoor hoses on your property. Disconnect and pack away the hoses, and keep the water off throughout the coldest season. This is a necessary precaution that can prevent significant damage!

  • Clean the chimney.

Your fireplace or wood-burning stove is going to provide hours of cozy enjoyment this winter, so make sure to have any heating vents cleaned before the winter comes. This can prevent a fire, as well as ensure that you are getting the most efficient and safe use from your system.

  • Fix up the outdoors.

Whether you need repairs to the roof or you simply have to rake the leaves to prevent a pile of ice buildup, there is lots of work to be done. Take a day to get the exteriors of your home fixed, freshened up, and ready for winter.