• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Office cubicle decorated for HalloweenHalloween is an excuse for adults to give themselves permission to let the child inside of them temporarily emerge and have some fun. You can improve the morale of your office staff and brighten the mood of those who visit your office by celebrating Halloween in a variety of ways.

Office decor
The type of Halloween decorations you use in your office will depend on what type of clients you serve. It’s best not to decorate with overly frightening items, but to lean more toward the fun side of Halloween. Get your employees involved by having a pumpkin carving or pumpkin painting contest. You can incorporate the pumpkins into your decorating scheme by placing them on an entry table, in a waiting area, break room, conference room, or other locations. Number the pumpkins and put a voting box on the table.

Eat and drink
Your employees and those who visit your office on Halloween would be delighted to discover a table with free drinks and candy for them to enjoy. Animated candy bowls would be ideal. You might also want to provide some cupcakes and cookies decorated with a Halloween theme. Don’t just offer ordinary drinks, call your concoctions spooky names, such as witch’s brew or the vampire special.

Halloween sounds
Fill the office with spooky music and creepy sounds to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Decorating with motion sensor objects that either start playing creepy music when someone walks by, make a ghostly sound, or emit a haunting moan is a great way to have fun with the office staff on Halloween.

To the extent that is possible with the type of office you have, encourage employees to arrive at work in costumes. You could make a contest out of this or simply do it for fun.