Our customer service is one of the most important aspects of our company.  We want you to feel welcome in our insurance agency and we want you to feel good about working with us.

We make insurance easy and strive to put a smile on your face whenever we talk to you.

Part of the Paradiso Promise is ensuring the overall satisfaction of our clients.  Here’s how we’ll do it:

When you call our agency, everyone will be positive. Being positive makes a difference. Even—and especially—if you are not having a good day, we will always do our best to bring positivity to you.

We know that dealing with your Connecticut insurance isn’t on the top of your “things that I love to do” list, so we want to make sure that coming into our office is a pleasant experience.  Our staff maintains a positive attitude and we bring that to you as well.

When you call or visit Paradiso Insurance, you’re not just visiting your local Connecticut insurance agency, your visiting your friends.  Not only will we help you with your insurance, but we will also make sure that you leave in a good mood and with a smile on your face.

We hope that we can bring some light to your day even if it is not going as planned.

We want to make doing business with us easy. You can get in-person service on Saturday mornings and via our mobile app. If you need an alternate time, ask. We’ll work to accommodate you at night or on weekends

We know that incidents happen all the time so we won’t leave you stranded when you need us most.  We are available even when most other Connecticut insurance companies are not.  We also know that our customers are busy and we’ll do our best to work with your schedule, all you need to do is ask!

You don’t need to feel stressed because you will always be able to get help from us.

We want to communicate with you how you want to be communicated with—by, email and/or text message. Of course, if there’s something complicated to explain, we’ll always call you to make sure you understand.

Everyone is different so we will work with you in the way that makes you most comfortable!  If you are tech savvy and always on our phone we can text you but if you feel that phone conversations are more personal, we will give you call when we need to contact you.

If you ever feel confused or unsure about information we give you, we will be more than willing to give you a call to explain things in more detail.  Your needs and your comfort are our priority so we will honor your personal preferences.

We are committed not only to providing you with the best possible insurance, but also to providing you with the best possible service.

We promise to serve you like true family would.