• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Insurance

Whether you walk into a Fortune 500 company, or a small mom and pop shop, computers serve as the main source of doing business.  Whether it’s market research, financial modeling, or simply tracking orders, computers have significantly enhanced how efficient and quickly business can be conducted.  But with the advatages that computers, networks, and the internet provide, there are certain disadvatages associated as well, cheif among those is security issues.

Seriously, it really doesn’t matter whether your business is a one-man job or you have thousands of employees, data security issues can happen to any company and can become a serious (and costly) problem. Having a strong and solid data security system and firewall in place is incredibly improtant to the longevity of your business’s success.

Furthermore, with the cyber threats out there seemingly everywhere, it’s probably a good and smart decision to look into something called cyber liability insurance. Think about this for a quick second: the cost of a data breach averages around 204 bucks per lost record. Now that’s per lost record not file or system.  Once you wrap your mind around that statement and how much it would cost your company, then start to think about cyber liability insurance.   The following threats are just a handfull of what your company faces in the cyber world:

• Hacker Attack
• Fraud
• Virus Transmission
• Employee Sabotage
• System Malfunction

So don’t let your company fall victim to cyber hacking. That is just an awful process to go through, and God only knows how long it would take your business to recover. So get those firewalls and security systems in place, and then give us at Paradiso Insurance a call today! We’ll help you out with any issues or questions you may have!