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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Here at Paradiso Insurance, we want to make sure that 2016 is your best year yet. Recently, we’ve talked about how you can find a mentor  that will help you succeed and keep improving throughout the year, but this time around, we’d like to take it one step further. Today, we’re going to go over some qualities you can look for in a mentor that will ensure your ongoing improvement, and ultimately, your success.



 Qualities of a Strong Mentor

  • A strong mentor is positive. Positivity effects all aspects of your life, and to no surprise, it’s incredibly beneficial to your development as an individual. Positivity is contagious, and if it starts with your mentor, it will spread to you, and eventually to your customers and clients alike.
  • The right mentor will share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with you. Even though you may be proficient in your profession already, everyone has room for improvement. The right mentor will give you insights on where you can be improve, whether it be because they have a different perspective on the same situations, more experience in your field, or a creative and unique approach to problems you face regularly.
  • Goal setting is key, and a strong mentor will help you accomplish yours. When you find the right mentor, they will listen to your opinions, ideals, and most importantly, your goals. The right mentor will give you constructive criticism and feedback in your work, and tell you where you’re strong, as well as where you’re weak, and help you achieve your upcoming goals. They will hold you accountable for your work, and remind you that you are responsible when it comes to improving.
  • A good mentor is one who believes in constant improvement.  If your mentor is pushing ongoing training or education on you, they are looking out for your best interest. The right mentor recognizes that there is always room to grow, and helps to bridge the gap for you when the time comes.
  • The right mentor will be excited to teach you. Whether it’s because they have a strong passion for your field, or they are a close friend that truly wants to see you succeed, when you find the right mentor, they will be enthusiastic to watch you improve.

Types of Mentors to Look For

When you find the right mentor, you’ll know, because they demonstrate the qualities we listed above. Now, when it comes to looking for a mentor, there are different types that can help out with improving different aspects of your life. Let’s go over what types of mentors you should keep an eye open for:

  • The Connection – This is the person that has been shaking hands forever. He or she has been to all of the industry specialized events, and knows big names in big places. They can connect you to people or events that will fuel your success, drive your improvement, and give you new ideas that will help you push forward. Not to mention, they could be your “in” when it comes to VIP access that will allow you to meet people you may not have been able to meet on your own.
  • The Pusher – If you attend a gym regularly and you have a workout partner, then you know the type of person “the pusher” is. They are the one who’s always telling you that you can do one more set or rep in the gym, the person who tells you to never give up, and will have your back the moment you fall because you took on too much at once. This person looks out for you when you least expect, and is always good to have around.
  • The Thinker – this is the person that has always had that extra dash of creativity. This type of mentor knows what it’s like to live outside of the box, and brings innovative approaches to the same problems you’re used to seeing regularly. This person will remind you that there’s always more than one way to approach your work, and will help you think creatively in ways that you may not have on your own.
  • The Optimist – This person definitely ties into the quality of staying positive that we mentioned above. This type of mentor can act as your personal cheerleader, and remind you that there is no feat too large for you to accomplish. They are constantly pushing positive vibes your way, and can provide a little bit of sunshine to your rainiest of days.
  • The Life Coach – This type of mentor may have started as a close friend, family member, or simply someone that knows you very well. This mentor will be here to guide you through your toughest challenges, or make your best ideas even better. They look out for your best interest in all aspects of life, and can be a strong resource if you don’t know what your next big step is.

Mentors come in many different forms, but we hope that we gave you some strong insight on where, how, and why you should be looking for a strong mentor. Good luck on your search, and here’s to a bright and successful 2016!