• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Insurance

Are you like most people, not thrilled when you get your insurance renewal in the mail? It happens, we often joke even people in the insurance business don’t like paying their insurance. Your new rates come in and either you do a happy dance because they went down, or more than likely you do the sad face because they increased. Don’t worry the awesome team at Paradiso Insurance is here to help.

We worked with Agency Performance Partners to create our new agency renewal process. Here are a few details!

  • About 30 days before your renewal you will receive an email from us (if we have your email address on file, if not be sure to call us so it can be added). This email lists life changes you should tell us about. In some instances, these life changes can lead to big discounts. Remember we can’t apply them if we don’t know about them!
  •  When we see your new rates from your carrier we proactively review them.
  • Should your rates increase more than 10%, we don’t have your email or cell phone and or you only have 1 policy with us we will call you to discuss your options. You may be able to change your deductible, apply a paid in full discount or save some money by going on EFT. Many times we can also provide a discount for moving all of your insurance to Paradiso Insurance.
  • This is also a great time for us to review your lifestyle, there may be some insurance products such as life insurance or umbrella insurance we recommend for you.
  • Finally, when your policy renews, you will get an email from us encouraging you to download our Mobile Marketing App. You can get push message notifications, send us property reports, and more. You can even store you Auto ID cards in the app!
  • Watch the mail we also from time to time send a small token of our appreciation for your business!

We want to try to make your insurance renewal fun. Hopefully we can connect with you soon!