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lightning Staying safe during a lightning storm is essential to avoid potential disaster, injuries, and even possible death. Whenever you hear a thunderstorm begin, be sure to monitor any lightning you see to get to safety in time and to inform others to take shelter as quickly as possible. Knowing how to stay safe during a lightning storm can help you to avoid danger while keeping all of your loved ones safe.

Get Inside

Getting inside and taking shelter in a home or in a structure with a metal roof is essential if you are outdoors when a lighting storm begins. If you have a vehicle with a metal roof nearby, stay inside of the car or truck with all of the windows rolled up until the storm has passed. The vehicle helps to ground any potential lighting strikes, keeping you from taking the damage personally.

Avoid Using Electronics Indoors

Once you are indoors during a lighting storm, avoid using electronic devices and phones that use cords, as these may be affected if the lighting hits nearby. Unplugging electronics can also help to minimize the potential of an outage or an issue with your electrical during an intense lighting storm.

Keep Your Distance From Windows and Glass

It is always essential to keep your distance from any glass and windows you have throughout your home in any thunder or lightning storm. Keeping distance from glass and windows protects you from potential lighting strikes and damage from windows that have been broken in the storm itself.

Being prepared in any type of storm you experience that involves lighting is a way to ensure your safety while putting your mind at ease. The more knowledgeable you are of the potential effects storms may have, the easier it is to stay safe in even the most dangerous weather disasters.