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Meet our furry friend Max! Max loves to spend time in out office during the week. His favorite activities are eating, sunbathing, and going for walks with Darlene! Instead of going to a pet store to find Max, we made the choice to save a life and adopt. So why adoption you ask? Let us explain:

  1. Save a life – Many animals in shelters come from pounds or high kill shelters. Even in non high kill shelters, staff must make difficult decision about euthanizing pets that have not been adopted for a long period of time.  Millions of animals are euthanized each year, because not enough people adopt from shelters and many others have give up their pets.  Save an animal by adopting.
  2. Get a great pet for you! – Animal shelter staff get well acquainted with the disposition of the pets that they care for and they are able to match potential owners with the perfect animal for them.  In addition, pets at animal shelters have undergone health and temperament screenings so you know that you will be adopting a healthy pet that will work well with you.
  3. Save money – Adopting a pet is much cheaper than purchasing one and most shelter pets have already been spayed/neutered and vaccinated which saves you even more money!
  4. Don’t support puppy mills – Puppy mills are inhuman breeding facilities that put profit over the welfare of the animals.  They breed and raise animals in factory like conditions and treat the parents of the puppies they sell like machines.  These puppies are sold on the internet and in pet stores to customers whoever is willing to pay for them.   They are careful to keep the source of the puppies secret with sales tactics so it is extremely difficult to be completely sure that your pet is not coming from a puppy mill.  By adopting you can be 100% sure that you are not supporting puppy mills.
  5. You have choices – Animal shelters have animals of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments.  Contrary to popular belief they have pure breed as well as mixed breed pets.  You will be able to choose from this huge variety if you go to a shelter to adopt.
  6. Help solve the crisis – There is currently a pet overpopulation crisis in the United States and the only way to solve it is to spay and neuter and provide homes for the homeless animals on hand.  By adopting a pet from a shelter you are doing both of these things.  You are giving a pet a home and your adoption fee goes towards spaying and neutering other pets to prevent unwanted litters.

Adopting a pet is truly the most ethical choice.  If you are looking for a pet visit a shelter today!