• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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A seemingly unending controversy and hot topic for conversation in the United States is healthcare and the astronomical amount of money spent on it.  Regardless of your political, social, or economic views, healthcare costs will affect you during some moment in your life.  Fortunately for you and your family though, the large amount of healthcare costs can easily be avoided by simply changing your lifestyle to a more healthy and energetic one, and thus lowering your cost of CT insurance for your health.

Here’s some staggering statistics about healthcare costs for you to digest:

-According to Fortune magazine, the United States spends $3 trillion a year on health care.

– To put that in perspective for you and I, that’s seventeen cents out of every dollar spent in our whole economy!

– What’s worse is that over fifty percent of that $3 trillion is spent on healthcare costs that can easily be avoided.

– About 90% of Type 2 diabetes, 80% of heart disease and 70% of strokes and colon cancers are preventable by simply living a healthy lifestyle.

So how can we avoid these unbelievably high health costs? By simply living a healthier lifestyle! Put down the burger and eat a salad with lean meat.  Turn off the television and go walking.  Little changes can make a significant impact on your happiness and well-being.  You’ll have more energy, higher self esteem, and what everyone likes, more money for you and money going to pay avoidable health bills!