• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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 Friday’s news fron Florida about the sink hole near Tampa, FL got us thinking about the possibility of one happening in Connecticut and the insurance that would cover it.  While Florida has the most sinkholes in the United States, there’s no telling that something like this could happen in the Nutmeg State. Obviously this would be a direct threat to your family, your home and/or your property, so that’s why you should know that sinkholes are NOT covered by your standard Connecticut Homeowners Insurance You CAN purchase additional coverage that WILL cover you if a sinkhole were to occur on your property though.

 Here’s what the additional policy says:

Sinkhole Collapse: Actual physical damage that is 1) arising out of, or 2) caused by the sudden settlement or collapse of the earth supporting your property. The settlement or collapse must result from subterranean voids created bythe action of water on limestone or similar rock formations.  Yourinsurance policy for ‘sinkhole collapse’ will cover you under this provision, however it will not cover you for “earth movement” i.e. earthquakes.

So although the likelihood of a sinkhole occurring in Connecticut is rare, they can happen nonetheless, and that’s why having the little extra bit of coverage, which is not an expensive addition to your homeowners policy I might add, is so important.  Sinkholes can occur, and when they do, it can be devastating. That’s why having a little extra coverage can mean the difference betweena massive loss and full reimbursement. Here at ParadisoInsurance, we have the policy that’s perfect for you, and canadd sinkhole collapse coverage to it without a problem! Give us a call today!684-5270