• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well it’s officially the holiday season, and as we eagerly attempt to find the perfect Christmas gifts, we also need to be aware of the risks of driving this time of year. There’s snow in the forecast for this week, so this should make for some interesting driving scenarios since many drivers fail to adjust to the winter weather immediately. Before this happens, it is important to prepare your vehicle for the roads as well as update your coverage. By looking into Connecticut auto insurance, residents can choose affordable and reliable coverage.

In honor of the snow that’s coming our way this week, here are a few tips for  you that will surely come in handy when trying to drive through the snow:

•   Have extra sweatshirts, an ice scraper, snow brush, and shovel packed in your car… you never known when you’ll need them. 

•    Avoid using cruise control during snow storms- if the roads are slick, cruise control is your ticket to an accident.

•    Always allow yourself enough time to break when driving in the snow- remember this one! It’s amazing how many cars you see sliding through intersections because they simply don’t realize how slick it is and how much further they need to stop.

•    Make sure your windshields and mirrors are clear- pretty standard guideline

•    Always brush snow and ice off of the top of your car to avoid putting other drivers in danger- one of the scariest moments that can happen on the highway. Don’t put other drivers at risk because you’re running late and fail to clean your car off properly.

•    Never break on a hill- should be a law. 

Honestly, if the weather is really bad, it is best to stay in and avoid going out at all costs. For many, this may be impossible, especially when it comes to jobs. The best we can do is stay prepared and protected for the worst case scenario.