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The main goals for us at Paradiso Insurance is to make sure that our customers are saving as much money as possible without sacrificing coverage on their insurance policies.  How we do that is through education.  Most of the time, saving money on your insurance policies, like for instance CT homeowners insurance, is actually quite simple, you just need to know where to look for the savings.  Most people could be savings some significant dough if they only knew where the discounts were.

Now you could just as easily park yourself in front of your computer and do a search for savings, but that will probably last quite awhile. Today, we’re going to spell out for you all some of the easiest ways to save on your CT homeowners insurance, so that you don’t have to waste your time on the computer!

1.    Bumping up your deductible.  We know, we say this all the time, but it always bears repeating. Remember, your home’s policy is meant to cover the big losses, not the small ones. So by increasing your deductible to an affordable amount, you’ll end up saving money on your premiums while maintaining your coverage for when you really need it.

 2.    Location,location, location. While this is one of the main drivers of cost when searching for a home, it’s also a main player in the insurance realm also.  Make sure you understand that a home near the shore or a fault line is probably going to cost you more on your homeowners insurance than if your home was located elsewhere.

3.    Don’t bother with small claims. Like we just said, CT homeowners insurance is for the big stuff, not the little stuff. When you make small claims on your coverage, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run, because chances are, all those small claims will add up in your insurer’s eyes and cost you more on your future premiums. 4.    Consider combining several insurance policies with one provider. For example, combine auto and homeowner’s insurance for big savings.

5.    Pay for what you need, not for what you don’t. Fifth grade English teacher is going to be mad with that double negative, but you get what we’re saying here.  Why pay for coverage that includes jewelry when the items you own aren’t that very valuable in the first place?  Now if they are very pricey, then you should definitely have coverage for them, but if not, then go without it.

Come back on Monday when we reveal ways 6-10!

Have a great weekend!