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It may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on your spring cleaning. Here are some spring cleaning tips to make your home is tidy and organized before spring comes:

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Deep Clean Your Furniture

picture of a living room couch and pillows

Furniture such as couches, chairs, and mattresses retain dust mites, dead skin cells, and even germs that can cause allergies and sickness from constant use. To give these items a deep clean, first strip any loose materials off of them such as covers, sheets, or blankets, and throw them in the wash. Then lightly vacuum upholstered items such as, chairs, couches, and mattresses for a thorough clean.

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Vacuum Hard to Reach Areas

A large vacuum cleaner on a carpeted floor.

While you’re moving furniture around, don’t forget to vacuum the areas they occupy. The spaces underneath beds and couches often collect dust, dirt, and even crumbs, so don’t forget about them!

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Clean Your Forgotten Knick Knacks

Some items on a few wall shelves.

Knick knacks and other souvenirs add a touch of comfort and personality to every home, but they also collect a lot of dust, especially when they sit on forgotten shelves for months. For the best clean, wash or vacuum the items and then wipe down surfaces that they sit on.

Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Kitchen Cleaning

A kitchen with large countertops.

If you own a dishwasher, you know how important proper maintenance can be. To remove food residue and grime, set it on a low setting and use white vinegar and baking soda to make it super clean.

Appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave, and oven get dirty too, especially when old food or spills are stuck to them. Scrub them clean, and then deodorize with baking soda.

Once you clean the appliances, don’t forget the kitchen cabinets! Not only do cabinets build up grease overtime, but items like pots, pans, and even plastic containers become clustered overtime. Organize important kitchen items and get rid of built up grease from cooking.  

Spring Cleaning Tip #5: Sanitize Rugs

Chairs in a room on a carpet.

Items in your home with thick material like throw rugs may seem difficult to clean, but they don’t have to be. First, take your rugs and hang them outside. After that, shake the dust out to freshen them up. You can also use specialty cleaner or shampoos to remove any stains or discoloration.

On the other hand, if your home has carpeted flooring, give it a fresh clean with the power of steam. Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to remove allergens, dust, germs, etc. that have built up in your carpeting over the months. Just make sure to vacuum beforehand to remove any trapped dirt!

Spring Cleaning Tip #6: Closet Cleaning

A bed next to a bedroom closet.

Need a break from scrubbing and cleaning? Give your closet some much needed care. First, if it’s warm enough, put away winter clothing, and take out spring items.

Next, sort clothing that you and your family no longer need. You can donate them to your local thrift store for someone else to use for those in need. Gently used accessories, toys, and electronics can also be given away to friends or other members of the family.

Having an organized closet can help you feel more productive and gets rid of unnecessary clutter that can build up over the winter months.

We have one more tip for you from our friend, Mila Kunst. Did you know there are toxic chemicals hiding in your cleaning products? Yes, and in fact, Mila reviews all of that for us in her blog, “What’s Hiding in your Cleaning Products?” It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Cleaning Products With Hidden Toxins

Speaking of cleaning products, our friends at Home Tips World shared their article with us on 7 DIY Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipes, and we simply had to pass it along! These recipes are easy to make, and very efficient at getting the job done if you’re looking to take care of shampooing your carpets.

The more steps you take now to get your home clean now, the easier it will be to finish the job this spring. Plus, who doesn’t love having a spacious and well maintained home? We hope these early spring cleaning tips help your home stay in tip top shape!

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