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Well it’s finally starting to look like spring. And with the warmer weather approaching, chances are you can’t wait to get outside and spend some time soaking up the sun.  While relaxation in the sun is great and healthy as well, done in moderation of course (we’re thinking vitamin D here folks), it’s also time to start with spring cleaning and fixing of any part of your home that may have taken a little beating from the winter weather.

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Now we aren’t saying that the only thing about spring is manual labor, but it is the best time to take a look at your home’s exterior structure, like your roof, siding, gutters, etc. and see if they’re still in good shape after the winter we had with all of the snow, rain, wind and cold temperatures.  While your whole home needs a look over to make sure everything’s alright, the main thing you should examine is your roof and drainage system, not only for the overall well-being of your home, but for consistant, sound CT homeowners insurance as well!.  Here’s what you should be on the look out for:

-Check out spots on the ceiling.  If they’re present, then chances are something’s up with your roof and a leak may be the cause of the damage.  While it may very well be a plumbing issue as oppose to a roof issue, don’t rule anything out until you have a professional take a look at it.

-Shingles gone astray? If you notice there’s some shingles missing from your roof, don’t ignore it! These should be replaced quickly as they’re your home’s first defense against the outer elements.  If you don’t have these replaced asap, then you’ll be inviting water damage into your home’s structure… not a good idea.

-Is there a heavy build up of crud (granules for instance) in your gutters or in the downspots? This is caused from the wear of your roof’s shingles that occurs over time. If there’s a large amount of this stuff in your drainage system, then chances are your shingles are probably in need of replacement.

– Flashing not looking so hot?  First off, if you don’t know what flashing is, it’s the metal coating that’s around the base of chimneys that blocks moisture and other exterior threats from seeping into your home’s structure. If it’s loose, lifted, or cracking, then chances are it’s in need of replacement.  And like the rest of these aforementioned suggestions, you can’t ignore this, otherwise you’ll have a much larger, and more expensive, problem on your hands.

Hopefully when you do inspect your home, that you find everything in tip top shape.  If not though, make sure to have a professional come take a look and assess the damage and the costs of fixing/replacement.  And if something turns out to be really serious, you can count on Paradiso Insurance to handle any CT homeowners insurance needs or claims you have!