• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Model HomeNow that it looks like spring is finally here (it was 80 degrees on Monday!), it’s the perfect time to start your spring cleaning and household projects that you certainly didn’t want to, or couldn’t do, during the winter time (seriously, who wanted to do anything during that winter?! I never want to hear the words POLAR VORTEX again!).

So now is the time to take full advantage of the nice weather and go through your home to see what is in need of fixing up or replacing.  I know it doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do during the spring, but trust me, you’ll be happy you did.  If you procrastinate and put small house projects off, then they could end up turning into costly repairs as the damage becomes increasingly worse- something you could have avoided in the first place. Furthermore, these damages that can end up costing you thousands of dollars will, more than likely, not be covered by your CT homeowners insurance. Why? Well because they were caused by the homeowners’ lack of maintetance, not something, like a storm, that’s completely out of the homeowners’ control.

CT homeowners insurance is put in place to protect your home from accidental losses, or those that are completely out of your control, like a flood or lightning strike.  But a flooded basement that was caused from a lack of maintained pipes more than likely will not be covered by your ct insurance policy.

So, what can you do as a ct homeowner to prevent these problems? Well below are a few key examples:

• Clear out those gutters to inhibit water damage that can creep into your roof or attic.
• Speaking of your roof, give it a look over and check for any shingles that either look like they should be replaced, or are missing completely.
• Fix up any siding on your home.
• Ensure that your home’s downspouts give enough room to take water away from your home… we recommend five feet.