• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Typically speaking, your standard homeowners policy doesn’t cover you fully if you run your own business from your home.  The normal CT Homeowners Insurance only covers liabilities associated with normal living among the residence, not business comings and goings.  Whose suppose to pay for a customer’s medical bills if they fall on your front steps that you neglected to shovel off( shout out to previous blog of this week)?

So what kind of coverage do you need then? Well, plain and simple, you need to invest in a specific type of business policy designed for companies that are run from the home (I’d also suggest a workers comp policy as well). In case you need a further explanation of what we mean, take for example asking your secretary to make a copy (which is coincidentally in your living room).  She trips over your toddler’s fire truck, breaking her ankle, and thus putting her out of work for a while.  If you don’t have a business/workers comp policy, you’re standard homeowners policy won’t cover her medical expenses- your personal wallet will.

You don’t want to pay out of pocket for injured employees in the event of an injury in your home/office. Be the smart business owner and look into a business policy today to make sure your pride and joy remains steady.