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Every business needs some form of transport system to move their products whether transporting unfinished goods or shipping products to customers. 

However, small business owners don’t have a system in place that they can use to hire top-tier drivers and ensure maximum value for their investment.

To help you do just that, we’ve put together a 6-step checklist for hiring the best truck drivers; read on to know more. 

6 Tips to Follow When Hiring the Best Transport Drivers

1. Respond Quickly

Employers not being responsive is one of the top reasons drivers never go to work for a contractor. 

So if you’ve posted a job, make sure to have someone ready to answer phone calls and emails and set up interview appointments. 

2. Be Conversational

Instead of turning the interview into an interrogation, which many contractors do, your aim should be to make the applicant as comfortable as possible. They may not be good at communication (which is okay) but they might be excellent drivers. So creating a friendly environment is necessary. 

Plus, have your top driver sit in the interview and talk to the applicant to assess how good they’re going to be on the field.

3. Test Them on the Ground

The job of a transport driver is to move goods or make deliveries to your customers; they need to be top-notch at that. And the best way to do this is to see them in action. 

So, take a test run with them and observe every small detail, including how well they’re following traffic rules, the time it takes for them to complete a certain task, how they are loading/unloading goods, and so on. 

4. Run Background Checks

One of the most crucial factors when hiring a transport driver is to check their past driving history. You need to make sure they’re not going to be a liability to the company. 

For that, fetch their Compliance Safety and Accountability profile (after you get the permission) and learn about their past driving behavior. Do they have any tickets, violations, or road accidents? This will help you decide if they should be on your team.

5. Hire for a Close Review

If everything from interview to test drive and background checks out, you can hire them for 2-3 months probation. This will help you ensure the driver is a good fit for your company and has the ability to further improve if necessary. 

Since transportation is a key factor in your business operations, you cannot trust someone to do a good job without observing their progress first. Once they clear the probationary period, then you can give them the good news.

6. Get Them Insured 

Your driver is your asset; they are working day and night to make deliveries and transport goods – they’re your business’s wheels! 

Keep Your Transport Drivers Safe With Us

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