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Pipes bursting is a common scenario that it’s not seen often; what does this mean? Even though you don’t hear about the pipes of your neighbours bursting daily, it can happen to everyone; out of nowhere. So, preparing for this situation and the damages it may cause is a must.

Let’s not underestimate the harm a pipe bursting can provoke, be prepared even if you don’t see the situation possible. By reading, you will find below some useful tips to know what to do when a pipe bursts!

Burst Pipe Causes

Pipes burst for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they break, sometimes they rust, and sometimes they give up the ghost after many years in service. Below you’ll find the eight causes of pipe bursts explained.

  • Corrosion: As a pipe gets older, it can start to erode. This corrosion is usually caused by the water passing through the pipes and gradually wearing them down over time.

Many old homes have galvanized piping or steel that’s been covered with zinc for protection against rust. However, as time passes, this protective coating wears away from being exposed too.

  • Movement: As a house settles, or when it’s exposed to any movement like earthquakes and floods, pipes can start to break down.

Movement is most common with older homes, where plumbers back in the day did the plumbing without glue joints in place. This procedure means that instead of welding pipe pieces together, they would slide them into one another – not very strong!

  • Frozen: When the temperature drops too low, pipes can freeze and burst.

8 Steps To Take If Your Pipe Bursts

Pipes bursting can be a major inconvenience, be prepared to know what to do when a pipe bursts. Here are eight steps to take if that happens.

  1. Stay Calm: Adrenaline can cause your body to shut down, so it is better to keep it cool and think clearly about your next steps.
  1. Shut Off Water Supply: If you can, shutting off your main water supply is the priority.
  1. Remove All Flammable Materials From The Area: If you have any flammable materials near the area, move them out of the way.
  1. Gather Family Members To Safety: Make sure to get anyone that may be in the house out of danger.
  1. Call Professional Plumbers: Make sure you call a plumber, and they will be able to fix the problem as fast as possible.
  1. Avoid Standing Water: If there is any standing or running water, it’s important not to touch it so that you can avoid electrocution.
  1. Turn Off Gas/ Heat: If you have heat or gas, make sure to turn it off.
  1. Document Damages With Pictures Or Video: Make sure to document the damages so that you have proof later for your insurance agency.

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