• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Today and tomorrow, we’re going to take the time to discuss the very real occurrence of insurance fraud.  Now, we realize it may not be the most uplifting couple of blogs we’ve done, but it’s some information that needs to be explained, and furthermore, we have some ways in which you can play a role in reducing the risk of insurance fraud from happening which in turn may help you with your coverage as well.

At it’s basic form, insurance fraud occurs when customers of insurance companies manipulate their coverage in certain ways to receive benefits, such as lying about a false claim and getting the money for it. That’s perhaps the most frequent of insurance fraud cases, but there are also multiple occurrences of the following frauds as well:

– claiming you lost $10,000 worth of stuff from a storm when you really lost $4,000

– not being upfront with your insurance agency at the beginning of a policy.

-Completely making claims up when they never occurred in the first place.

-Specifically engineering something to happen that will result in a claim and possible cash payout

-Another common one: arson. Usually this is the case with small businesses that are failing, and thus the owner wants to collect the insurance benefit from the Hartford business insurance policy.

Now hopefully you’ve never tried or attempted to do any of these things to fraud your insurance company, especially if it’s us! We build our relationships with our customers from the ground up, and it begins with trust.  You can trust us completely to provide you the best service possible, at the most affordable price.  And we trust you to take care and not try to pull one over on us!

In any event, insurance fraud is real, and it’s still going to happen, that much is clear.  But if you do your part, and are the honest customers we know you are, then it’s a win-win for us both.  Come back tomorrow to find out how you doing your part can benefit everyone!