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Here in New England we know that the cold weather comes upon us a lot more quickly than we usually anticipate. Now that summer is over, we will start having cool days and cooler nights any day now. With that cool weather comes the ever-looming cold season, where coughs abound, sniffles run rampant, and a visit to the doctor is all but inevitable. Before you get blind-sided with the dropping temperatures, take just a few simple precautions to protect your family and prevent the oncoming colds that are likely to strike when you least expect.

  • Wear long sleeves.

Fall is the perfect time to dig out your long-sleeved shirts and pants out from the back of your closet. When the chilly air hits unexpectedly, you will be happy you took the extra step to stay covered. And if it turns out to be a hot day, you can always just roll those sleeves up anyway!

  • Bring some extra warmth.

Being prepared will pay off in the long run. Not sure what the weather holds on a particular day? Not to worry – just make sure you’ve got a hat and light scarf in your car just in case you end up needing it later on.

  • Get enough sleep.

One of the biggest causes of the common cold is a general lack of sleep. Take care of your body not only by getting some exercise every day, but also by going to bed early enough to get your full REM cycle. Over time, a lack of sleep will wear you down and make you more prone to catching a cold amidst the fall weather.

  • Wash your hands.

Ever realize how many germs your hands come in contact with every single day? You may have shaken hands with somebody who didn’t prepare for cold season and has now just blown their nose and passed the germs to you. Yuck! Washing and/or sanitizing your hands on a consistent basis is extremely important. Don’t risk catching a cold from someone else this fall – stay clean and stay healthy!

  • Stock up on soup.

When that cold strikes one of the other members of your family this fall, you want to beat it quickly before it spreads! Always have some warm soup and cough syrup on hand for when the kids start coming down with something; the last thing you want to do is end up catching it from them when you are supposed to be caring for them.

While there are no guarantees that you will be able to avoid getting a cold this fall, these tips will surely give you and your family better chances at staying healthy and happy as you enjoy the changing of the seasons in New England! *