• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Yesterday and the day prior, we’ve discussed the many ways in which the Affordable Care Act will change the way this nation’s healthcare system operates. Known commonly as ‘Obama-care’, this legislation is quickly taking affect, and everyone with CT insurance health coverage should be aware of the changes ahead.

While the Act is significant in length and no one has an reasonably time to absorb it all in great detail, we’ve decided to spell out for you the big changes that are going to be taking affect, and how they may or will change your CT insurance coverage. 

Here are the final questions and issues that will conclude our discussion on the Affordable Care Act:

7) Will the Act change my tax situation? This depends on how much income you make.  If you making over $200,000 per year, or are married with a combined income of $250,000, you’ll notice on your 2013 taxes that a Medicare Payroll Tax of 2.35% will be deducted. Furthermore, the Cadillac Tax begins in 2018 where there will be a forty percent tax on employer-sponsored benefits, which exceed $10,200 per year, or $20,500 per family. 

8) What will happen with my doctor? More than likely, if your doctor is in good standing, nothing will change.  However they must meet certain standards from insurance networks in order remain in the system.  And as for waiting to see your physician, well unfortunately there’s a projected shortage of primary care doctors over the next decade, so that will be interesting to see.

9) Who then becomes the ultimate decider on what care I will receive? According to the Act, an advisory board will make recommendations for reducing the astronomical spending for Medicare.  For example, if someone returns to a hospital within thirty days of previously being discharge, the hospital may not receive reimbursement.

Hopefully these past days of discussion on the Affordable Care Act have provided you with a better understanding of what our nation’s healthcare system will begin to look like. Enjoy your weekend, and remember Paradiso Insurance for all of your CT insurance needs!