• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Debates are always made between big companies and small companies.  And both sides of the argument can be very persuasive.  But when it comes to insurance, there really is nothing comparable to a local, friendly, and trusted independent insurance agency.

It’s really what matters to you when you boil it down.  Yea, you may be able to get a little cheaper coverage with a big name insurance company. But chances are, if you’re in an accident, they’ll take a whole heck of a lot longer to respond to your claim and fully reimburse you for any bills or damages incurred then if you had a local independent agent be your side. Most of the time, we’re even able to come out to you right after the accident or loss occurs, in order to start the process almost instantaneously.

But what really separates us from the large companies is our commitment to the community.  You’re not going to see big name insurance company reps at a little league game, a school play, or dance company fundraiser.  But I guarantee you’ll see someone from Paradiso Insurance at all of those events!  It’s because we care and we value the lives of families around Connecticut and especially those within our Stafford Springs community.

Because you’re not a number or a policy to us.  You’re a friend and a trusted partner, and we never let our friends down, no matter what!