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When was the last time you went on the internet, bought a new pair of shoes, or decided it was time to move to a new location? It’s safe to say you are definitely doing one of these things right now, and have done or will do the other two things at some point in time. So, what does this have to do with Veteran’s Day you ask? A lot. Probably more than you may realize. Every freedom you have, from the large ones to small ones, is because brave souls put their lives on the line for these freedoms.

If you really want to wrap your mind around Veterans day, think about this: Living in the United States, if you wanted to, you could disrespect the military by stomping on the American Flag. This is because you have the freedom to. After taking part in such a disrespectful act, you’d likely have a lot of people angry with you, however, you wouldn’t be killed or arrested over it. This is because you were given freedom. Once you wrap your mind around this, it can be quite the eye opener. Veterans have served and fought bravely for our freedom and rights as United States citizens. It is important that we keep this in mind everyday of the year as we conduct ourselves with respect for them and our freedoms.

Veterans Day is more than simply thanking a veteran for their service. It is really about appreciating what they gave and understanding what it takes to allow us to to live freely. “Some gave all, but all gave some do you really know what this means? Some paid the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. Furthermore, all gave some, meaning every single enlisted man and woman has given up something for your freedoms. From their time to their struggles, during and after their service. Many continue to give every day of their lives as they endure mental and physical challenges.

This Veterans Day, and every day of our free lives, we must realize what we have and why we have it. We must never take for granted the decisions we are free to make as citizens of this great country. The next time you thank a veteran, of course you can thank them for their service, but you can also thank them for the person you are able to become. Here at Paradiso Insurance we are truly grateful for our veterans, they are the reason we are able to come to work everyday and live as we choose.

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