• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s difficult to comprehend how people go without some of the most important insurance coverages that you need.  We understand that insurance coverage can be costly for families, and they may choose to spend their incomes in other areas besides insurance.  But as we’ve said many times before, insurance, no matter how large or small, is important for protecting your overall financial livelihood…

No with that being said, there’s still a very high number of people that go without insurance for one of their most important investments- their homes.  Only two years ago in 2010, there we almost 1.5 million homeowners without coverage. 1.5 Million people!!  When you think about how important coverage like Connecticut homeowners insurance is for you, then that 1.5 million people seems to be a whole lot more than first thought.  

All of the natural weather disasters that seem to be occurring more frequently should give you all the more reason to look into CT homeowners insurance. Once more, you should also consider the very real possibility of a fire that could completely destroy your home and all of your valuables inside it.  Connecticut homeowners insurance will give you the coverage to replace your valuables and rebuild your home, but if you go without the coverage, like the 1.5 million others, then you’ll find yourself writing the largest check of your life to replace your home.  So give Paradiso Insurance a call today to have the correct Connecticut homeowners insurance coverage for your home!