• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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At first glance of the title, you may immediately think that we’re talking about the water system that helps with drinking water and bathroom facilities.  But what we’re really referring to is the water system that could save you and your employees’ lives in a fire.  That’s right, we’re talking about the sprinkler system in your building, because having a good setup will less likely result in a Hartford business insurance claim of some sort. The frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing the past few days have wreaked havoc on quite a few things around here, but today it’s all about the sprinkler system. 

Frozen water in your fire protection system could easily lead to a host of issues that include fire losses, water damage, and structural issues/repairs.  In order to ensure that your water lines and fire prevention system are all set, experts advise that business owners take these following tips into serious consideration.

  • Heat should be directed in areas of the building that may experience temperatures below 40°F.
  • You can’t bank on your main heat source lasting forever and through anything, so make sure you have a backup system or something else that will keep vital areas,like where the water system is, warm enough to still operate.
  • Pipes that are located in areas that are exposed to low temperatures must have proper heat sources and insulation.
  • If there is any snow, water, and/or ice near hydrants, valves, and stand pipe connections, clear it away immediately!
  • If you do have an antifreeze system (which you should!), ensure that it’s set up properly to avoid flow back issues back to the water source.

Hopefully these few tips can help you out if you’re a business owner during these arctic times we’re experiencing.  Looking at the weather, it looks like it’s going to warm up for the weekend, thank goodness!But if Mother Nature decides to bring back the frigid air once or twice more this winter, then you’ll know how to handle it from your business and building’s point of view!